HofbrÀuhaus Las Vegas

Job 169550 - Hostess
Las Vegas, NV

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Job Details

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: $10.00 - $10.00

Job Description



Primary Objective of Position:

Present a positive first and lasting impression of the restaurant’s friendliness, excellent service and high standards by greeting every guest upon arrival, bid guests farewell as our guests leave the restaurant, and invite guests to return.

Responsible For: Greeting and seating guests in a friendly and courteous manner, as quickly as possible

Responsible to: Owners, Director of Operation, Restaurant and Banquet Managers.

Primary Duties:

  • Maintains a cheerful, courteous disposition and have a neat, clean and professional image.
  • Greets guests upon entering the restaurant and assist guests while on a waiting list.
  • Escort guests to the designated table by rotation as soon as possible, present menus to each guest once seated.
  • Performs reservation responsibilities.
  • Maintain a waiting list and coordinates seating in conjunction with the reservations list.
  • Arranges for a booster seat or high chair, as needed.
  • Attends shift meetings on time.
  • Notifies managers of any guest that is perceived to be unhappy.
  • Bids farewell to guests as they leave. Ensures everything was satisfactory and invites guest to return.
  • Keeps foyer, host/hostess station clean and well organized. Ensures all menus are clean, restock necessary supplies and bring all areas up to standards.
  • Performs shift change and/or closing duties.
  • Answers telephone within two rings and answers questions accordingly.
  • Keeps immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance and takes prompt corrective action where necessary or suggests alternative courses of action which may taken.
  • Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established company policies to achieve the overall objective of position.
  • Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate.
  • Contacts management immediately regarding special occurrences i.e. Police, Fire Department, Health Inspector, Accident or fights.
  • Must be neatly dressed and well groomed in clean company approved attire.
  • Must be able to read menus.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English.
  • Must be able to stand and walk during 6-8 hour shift.
  • Reaches, bends, stoops and wipes.
  • Must be able to articulate clear greetings and farewells to guests, as well as being able to understand requests for assistance.
  • Must be able to clearly communicate guest’s needs to servers, bussers, and managers.
  • Must be able to calmly respond to angry guests and notify managers of situation immediately.



Qualification Standards

  • Must be dressed neatly and well groomed in company approved uniform at all times.     
  • Must be able to operate Table Reservation System. Please repeat back to guest all information to ensure all information is correct.     
  • Must be able to calmly respond to angry guests.      
  • Stands during entire 6-8 hour shift.        
  • Must be able to read menus to sight-impaired guests.     
  • Reaches, bends, stoops and wipes.     
  • Must be able to respond clearly to guests’ requests.     
  • Must be able to hear well amongst loud background noise.     
  • Health Cards are required     


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